Katy Urgent Care

Urgent Care Services

Because your needs come first, we work our schedule around yours.
You come in when it is convenient for you.

We provide treatment of routine health care issues such as physical exams, consultative issues, and treatment for illness and injury.

Our physicians see patients from 6 months of age to adults.

Our facility is equipped with X-ray equipment and we have a limited in-house laboratory to test for bladder infections, strep throat and influenza. We also have a base of very professional specialists to refer you to.

Ear Infections
Cold/Sore Throat/Flu
Bladder Infections
Sprains, Bruises and Broken Bones
Minor Burns
Cuts Requiring Stutures
Pre-Employment Drug Testing/Breath Alcohol Testing
Sports/Camp Physicals
Insect/Animal Bites
Vaccinations Including Tetnaus, TB and Hepatitis A/B
Routine Physical Exams