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School & Sports Physicals

The Importance of School and Sports Physicals

School and sports physicals are simply important for students of all ages. Physicals should be taken annually to make sure your child’s health is okay and checkups are up to date.

Katy Urgent Care specializes in school physicals for students of all ages. As an industry leader in quality medical care, they network with several area schools and educational centers. With a highly dedicated and talented staff, your child will receive timely and professional services at cost-affordable rates. Physicals are also mandatory for any child that wants to participate in school sports or extracurricular activities. This includes baseball, football, soccer, or other sports.

We will:

  • Review health history and immunizations
  • Give a physical exam
  • We will give you a summary of your exam and stamp any medical forms required.
  • Faxing all pertinent and related documents to these institutions.

Please note that additional charges apply for labs and tests.

Sports Physicals

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), more than 38 million children and adolescents participate in organized sports in the United States each year. While there are numerous physical and social benefits to participation in sporting events, there is also the risk of having a sports-related injury.

Sport Physicals may be required for school related athletics as well as club sports.

Katy ISD Athletics: http://www.katyisd.org/athletics/Pages/default.aspx

Katy ISD Cheer: http://www.katyisd.org/finearts/Forms%20%20Guidelines%202/HS%20Cheerleader%20Guidelines%202012-2013.pdf

LCISD baseball form: http://www.fortbendbaseballleague.com/2012%20FBBL%20Med%20Release%20Authorization.pdf

School Physicals.

Whether taken during or before the school year, physicals allow primary care physicians to tackle any medical ailments or potential illnesses. Due to the close proximity of students and teachers at school, children are always susceptible to illnesses, germs, and other health related issues. Even with proper nutrition, activity, and regular vitamins, it’s simply not enough to secure proper health and well-being. Scheduling a school physical is simply the best way to ensure your child’s health, while helping him or her perform at their best both physically and mentally.

Katy Independent School District


Off-Campus Physical Education Waiver Information Packet


Whether you child suffers from allergies, physical constraints, or deficiency disorders, Katy Urgent Care assures a thorough and precise examination. By taking precautionary and preventative measures, you can protect your child from common colds, flu, and other medical problems. Annual check ups also ensures the child is healthy enough for physical activities, sports, and school practices. While the clinic welcomes walk-in patients and appointments, the best day of the week for school physicals is Wednesday. In fact, try and bring your child in the middle of the day for quick and timely services. If you value your child’s health and welfare, you simply cannot avoid yearly school physicals.

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